Overflowing rubbish in Coronation Park


This “rubbish” image comes from a post on the Greasby village facebook page.

I’ve noticed the comments on facebook, and agree that this needs to be addressed. I have reported this problem to the council – because its really not acceptable for the bins to be in this state.

If you are aware of a bin which has not been emptied frequently enough, please let me know.

Yarnbombing Greasby


As I posted last week, there is a plan to decorate tree trunks in Greasby and here are some more details.

National Tree Week is 22nd to 30th November and the new GREASBY YARNS group are planning to decorate trees in the village. Just how many depends on how many donations are received. The volunteers will gather them all  and sew them together to decorate the trees. The plan is that all the work will be complete by Tree Dressing Day

If you knit or crochet the suggestion is that you provide squares, rectangles and strips in any colour or texture. If you prefer you could make woolly pompoms. Could you make individual pieces that are between 3 inches and 9 inches wide and no more than 18 inches long. (in centimetres those are 7.5, 23 and 45).

If you would like to chat to someone from the Greasby Yarns group then you are invited to meet one of the group  in the library 10:30 – 12 on Thursdays 17th, 24th and 31st July. If you can’t come then there is a red collection bin in the library for donations.


new community project – Knit for Greasby!

Enterprising Greasby folk are planning to bring colour to our village in the dark days of winter. You may have seen one of the posters, but if not I’ve reproduced one here. Why not join in and meet some new people at the same time as contributing to this community project. The details of how to join in are all there.


knit for greasby

Irby Library celebrates 50 years

irby library 50th celebration

In early May the Friends of Irby Library held a celebration of the 50 years that the Library has been serving the local community.

Local school children from Irby Primary and Dawpool Primary Schools were also invited and provided displays of their work for everyone to enjoy. The Mayor and Mayoress also attended this happy event and shared in the afternoon tea so generously laid on by the Friends.

Irby Library has a flourishing friends group which grew out of the former User Group at the time that the council, led by Labour and Liberal Democrats tried to close it down. Local people have worked hard to keep the library at the centre of the community in Irby and all three of your local councillors believe in this cause and are members of FOIL (Friends of Irby Library). Cllr Mike Hornby is part of the committee that runs FOIL.

Why not visit one of our local libraries this week to see what is on offer and benefit from the facilities which are there.

Twice a month you will also find one of your Councillor team holding a surgery.  Wendy or another local Councillor attends  Greasby Library on the first Saturday of the month between 11:30 and 12:30. On the third Saturday Wendy or another member of the team will be at Irby Library between 11:30 and 12:30.


Tom Anderson joins the team


web wendy tom normadoorstp

Thank you to everyone who voted in the recent election. I am very pleased to say that I was re-elected for a further four years as councillor for Greasby, Frankby and Irby. At the same time Tom Anderson was elected as councillor into the vacancy created when Tony Cox resigned. You can read the details of the result here.

Its great to have Tom as part of the team, together with Mike we are dedicated to serving the people of our communities, and representing their views in the council. Please get in touch and if we can help, we will.

News for early April 2014

This week Councillor Tony Cox has resigned. Tony has the opportunity to seek election as an MP in Newcastle -under- Lyme and has honourably chosen to step down as councillor so that he can put his full energies to his new challenge. Tony has been a fantastic colleague and friend and I will personally miss him and the energy and enthusiasm he brought to his council role. I wish him every success in Newcastle, I know that his commitment to hard work will stand him in good stead.

Tony said, “I am delighted that local Conservatives have chosen Tom Anderson as their new candidate. Tom has the capability, energy and commitment to serve as a councillor in our area. I have known Tom a long time and believe he will be a dedicated and hard working  representative for the people of Greasby, Frankby and Irby.”

All of this means that on 22nd May there will be an election for two councillors for Greasby, Frankby and Irby.  Everyone will therefore have two votes and the Conservative candidates will be me (Wendy Clements) and Tom Anderson.

Local people in Greasby will be aware that the Red Cat car park has been fenced off and it looks as if the Sainsburys will soon be under construction. With such a drastic reduction in car parking spaces it will be important that we all take care to be considerate with parking, and also to continue to use the local shops so that they don’t lose trade during the work.

Constituency Committee awards funding to local projects

Tonight was the latest meeting of the Wirral West Constituency Committee. All councillors for this area sit on the committee which today  took decisions about the funding which is within its gift.

Like each of the wards, the Greasby Frankby Irby ward had £10,000 to award for the Community Fund. This fund was open to community groups and has a maximum award of £1,000. Following on from Community voting via special events, online voting and paper voting, the successful projects are spread across Greasby and Irby and almost all were funded.

In addition two projects have been successful in receiving Public Health Grants awarded by the committee.

Full details of all these projects will follow.

There will be further funding available in the year from May and I’ll be making sure that you know about the scheme, timescales etc.


Time to decide!

As you may remember, Wirral West Constituency committee invited applications for projects that could make a real difference to our area. Greasby, Frankby and Irby have £10,000 to allocate and applications have now been received and checked.

There is a voting process so that people in Wirral West can have their say on which go forward for funding. You can download the form from the council website or attend one of the funding events which have been arranged so that we can all meet the local voluntary and community groups behind the proposals.

There is an event in each ward, and ours is on Friday 28th February between 5 and 7 pm at Irby Village Hall, 71 Thingwall Road, Irby CH61 3UB.  However, you can also attend any of the other events which are listed on the council website.

The process will be finalised at the next meeting of the Constituency Committee on Thursday 6th March. This meeting begins at 7 pm and is also being held at Irby Village Hall. This meeting is held in public so that as many local people as choose to do so may attend.


Greasby disappointed to be abandoned by Skipton Building Society

It is disappointing to learn today that the Skipton Building Society will close in Greasby and three other Wirral sites on April 17th.For many of our more elderly residents, the local village centre has to provide all their needs. This will leave a hole.

After the Halifax decided to pull out we all felt the village had lost a vital presence in terms of a bank. So it was great when the Skipton Building Society moved into the village.  Skipton have been great in terms of supporting the community, and our very own Blooming Greasby group received a £500 grant from them after an on-line vote where they came top in the North West.

Once again it seems that Greasby will be without a bank so it is a very good thing that we have our Post Office. Our local postmaster had a cash machine installed after Halifax left, and what a good thing he did! It is much used and appreciated, I find it invaluable. The Post Office is a wonderful local resource that can also help with a variety of banking needs, I’d encourage anyone affected by the Skipton’s decision to consider that option.



Vote now for Love Wirral Grants

As you may know, the Love Wirral project is a small grant which hopes to encourage people to take more interest and pride in our local environment. There have been lots of applications with creative ideas of how people plan to improve their locality.

You can find details of the public vote for Love Wirral here. The vote only lasts until 24th January so best to do it today!  Choose which of the applications for our area will help make our environment better. You can vote yes/no for all projects but only log in once (only one vote per person, whether online or by post).

For friends you know who don’t use the internet there are paper voting forms at One Stop Shops and possibly at a group local to you. If you know a group which is not included, please email Wendy and she will try to help.



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