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Scrap the Wirral View

I’ve signed the petition calling on the Leader of the Council to drop his £270,000 newspaper. You can too, just click here

 I speak to a lot of people in Greasby and Irby -virtually no one seems to receive the Wirral View. What a waste of time and our money!

Recently a picture has been published which shows loads of newspapers still bundled up and put into a recycling bin.

It can be seen here – total waste of our money!  It’s outrageous.

Greasby and Irby Libraries – volunteers get stuck in

I was really pleased to visit Irby library twice this week. On Thursday the Friends of Irby Library held their monthly coffee morning and I joined the many local people there. Together we raised money to support our local library and buy books and resources – as well as borrowing some books to read. The raffled Easter cake (looked lovely) raised £50!

Friends of Irby Library are now opening on a Friday morning – new this week and I called in to say hello to the volunteers today. This means the library is open every day except Wednesday, although not necessarily all day. You can be sure that when their new distinctive sign is out the library is open and the council website carries the details (though at the time of writing it hasn’t yet been updated to show the Friday opening).

irby library sign

Greasby Library is also now open every day except Wednesday, with the Friends opening Tuesday and Friday mornings. Its great to see the library open for more hours once again, and I look forward to being there tomorrow (8th April) for part of the Celebrate Greasby Day event.

Parking charges update

On Monday the Labour Cabinet brought forward their budget. Thankfully they have listened to the thousands of people who signed petitions and wrote comments… they will not be introducing parking charges for Irby. That is really good news and I know that many local people and businesses are really pleased. 1439 people signed the petition in Irby against the introduction of charges and it was really interesting to see how far some people travel to visit Irby – what a wonderful village we have!

Sadly though, they are still pushing forward with the  introduction of parking charges in the country parks. The level of charging is not as high as once threatened, but for those who use our country parks regularly this will still be a challenge. The young footballers and their parents and carers will face this extra burden.  As widely reported, the cost is 50p for one hour, £1 for two and £2 for all day. While this is better than £4 per day, the principle has now been established and I suspect the price will only go up next year.


Huge support for petition over parking charges

Cllr Jeff Green’s petition on Labour’s proposed introduction of parking charges has passed the 2500 signatory mark and continues to grow.

There is huge opposition to the proposal to charge £4 a day for parking at Royden Park, Arrrowe Park, Eastham Park and Wirral Country Park. I’ve signed the petition, and you can too by following this link:



Labour urged to come clean over car parking charges

 Labour Councillors are being urged to come clean over planned car parking charges at Wirral’s beloved country parks. A seemingly innocuous decision, authorised by Councillor Stuart Whittingham, and sneaked through in the run up to Christmas, instructed officers to begin the process of buying new pay and display equipment. Cryptically, the report stated the only wards affected would be Greasby, Frankby Irby, Pensby and Thingwall, West Kirby and Thurstaston, Eastham and New Brighton.

Councillor Jeff Green, Leader of Wirral’s Conservative Group said: “Having seen this decision and investigated the intention behind it has been confirmed that this equipment is destined for the introduction of car parking charges at Royden Park, Arrowe Park, Wirral Country Park and Eastham Country Park (along with Perch Rock in New Brighton). I’m sure Labour Councillors are conscious of how unpopular the suggestion was last time it was tabled but it appears they are determined to try and sneak this through with the bare minimum of consultation.

He continued: “I understand from senior officers that public notices will shortly be issued at the sites and in newspapers however any “consultation” has been rendered meaningless as budget information clearly shows that Labour Councillors expect to generate an additional £1million from car parking revenue with no alternative options proposed, so naturally residents will assume this is a foregone conclusion.”

Councillor Green continued: “I would urge anyone who is against this proposal to sign my petition at https://www.change.org/p/phil-davies-no-to-car-parking-charges-at-wirral-s-country-parks to demonstrate to the Leader of the Council and his Labour colleagues that they have got it wrong yet again and if the Leader of the Council needs any alternative budget savings I suggest he looks a little closer to home and scraps his expensive Executive Policy Support Officer post or his Town Hall Pravda and keeps our country parks free for everyone to use and enjoy.


Where is the Wirral View?

Labour-run Wirral is now producing a monthly newspaper, in defiance of Government guidance to local authorities. At a recent Council meeting, when challenged about the plans for the newspaper, Labour members informed us that they did not receive a copy of local free newspapers and that was why their new paper was required. They said that local people need to be made aware of what the council is doing. One member of the Labour group implied that the newspaper was needed because the Wirral Globe didn’t print what they wanted said!!!!!!!!

I have news for them! The initial copy of Wirral View, paid for by local taxpayers has not even been delivered in large parts of this area. I have not received one through my door, so we are being charged for something that is not even delivered. Long after the fireworks display promoted on the front page (and such a disappointment to many) local people still don’t have a copy of the paper which is costing them dear.


Tribute from Greasby Knitters

tree 1 tree 2 poppies fall

I attended the official commemoration of Somme100 at West Kirby yesterday morning, led by the Bishop of Birkenhead, where The Mayor of Wirral laid a wreath, and as did Councillor Geoffrey Watt and others. It was a cold, but mercifully dry start to the day, and a good number of people of all ages were there to hear the whistles, piper and Last Post.

More locally the Greasby Knitters have made a marvellous contribution to this week’s commemoration of the Battle of the Somme. Like all their displays these too encourage conversation and build community in our village. While taking these photos I had a lovely chat with a lady whose father fought in the First World War as we admired the skill of these gifted people.


Hats off to Friends of Coronation Park Playground !

CM160409-142939015 CM160409-142919007 CM160409-142720001





If you go down to the park today you’re in for a big surprise.

The Friends of Coronation Park Playground (and their friends) have been very busy. All the play equipment has had a fresh coat of paint and everything is looking fresh, bright and clean.  They will tell you, and I have to admit, that I wasn’t able to be there for the hard work – but I was pleased to be able to get there before they had gone home and congratulate them. Its a wonderful improvement, and once the new safety surface has been installed the park will be hugely improved for everyone to use.

Thank you!

Rising local concern over proposed development on the Donkey Field

There is a new planning application for the Donkey Field in Greasby. (described in the application as Land to the East of Kinloss Road.

The application 15/01507 seeks permission for two blocks of one and two bedroom apartments, comprising 19 apartments in all. There is considerable concern that this will have a detrimental effect on the amenity of the local people and represents an overdevelopment of the site. I’ve taken action to ensure that the application will be heard by the Planning Committee so that there will be public scrutiny of it.

You can see details of the application at www.wirral.gov.uk/planning and make a comment online there. Alternatively you can email planningapplications@wirral.gov.uk.

Why not email me too, and let me know your comments on the matter, and how it could affect you.


Congratulations to Irby Methodist Toddler Group

toddlersToday I dropped in to Irby Methodist Church because I’d heard that the toddler group is celebrating 50 years of operation. That covers a good few generations, and I found a room full of parents, grandparents, children and friends all having a wonderful time. It was such a happy celebration. Groups like this are really valuable to families, and create all manner of links in the community. Irby is fortunate indeed to have such a dedicated team of volunteers.

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